He Made the Team!

We are so excited!! Thomas made the 3rd Grade UIL Storytelling team!!!!


UIL is the University Interscholastic League which “exists to provide educational extracurricular academic, athletic, and music contests” in Texas. UIL basically oversees the competition between schools. I participated in academic UIL competitions my entire school career and loved it. I still have my Picture Memory cards from 5th grade and my writing confidence rests heavily on good showings in the Creative, News and Headline Writing competitions.

Storytelling involves the contestant listening to a storyteller read a brief story (between 600 and 1100 words long) only once, and then retelling that story in their own words before a judge or judges, with an emphasis on creative expression. This is a no-brainer for Thomas. He’s been doing this his entire life; it’s one of his dyslexic coping skills. The challenges for him here will be retelling the story in an organized (beginning, middle, end) way and speaking before strangers.

The District competition is Tuesday. I’ll keep you posted!

P.S. Can I again praise the Super Teacher?! Thanks Mrs. Barnes for seeing the potential in my son!!!


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