I’m Diggin’ It!

I believe I may have mentioned my desire for Ong-like curb appeal. I had however forgotten how much work rambling, carefree looking flowerbeds can be.

We have the most beautiful stand of cannas in our south flower bed. My Papa and I planted them 14 years ago, but because we have done nothing with them since (other than smile graciously on their beauty,) the bulbs became crowded and gnarly and needed a good thinning out.


These are not my cannas, but will give you an idea of how beautiful cannas can be.

So guess what I’ve been doing in my free time?!


Need some bulbs? We have a few.


This is a canna bulb. See what I mean by gnarly?

We hope to clear out all the deadness and grass, install a new water faucet, plant bulbs and bed everything down in mulch before the weather turns again. We also have new trees coming from The Arbor Day Foundation in the next couple of weeks. Oh the things we do for beauty.


Before …





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