Flashback Friday-Our 2005 Newsletter

A few years ago I started a blog that served as a digital scrapbook for my family and friends. We had just moved back to the High Plains after being away for six years and I wanted to keep in touch with the friends and family we had left behind.

I usually don’t post on Fridays, but, in an effort to store things in their appropriate places, I plan to move my posts from blog-past here to blog-present. I’ll call it Flashback Friday and those of you with absolutely no interest in our past can ignore me on those days. Of course you’re gonna miss how utterly adorable we are …

Here’s a blast from the past from March 2006 (judgers please abstain from noticing how long it took me to get our Christmas letter to the masses):

01-13-06_2Our 2005 Newsletter

     We’ve decided that every year with small children is a year of change, but this year has brought us an exceptional amount of blessings.
We started the year with the special gift of a new family member. Elizabeth Maxx was born on Valentine’s Day, a very healthy, beautiful girl with a sweet spirit. She’s now nearly a year old and is still as sweet and patient as in the beginning. Thomas and Emma adore her and she them. She is trying to walk and recognizes everyone’s names; she’s still not trying to talk but that may be because she has so much ‘help’.
Emma turned three this July. She is 100% girl, assuming anything pink is automatically hers. She loves music and dancing, princesses, Dora and marshmallows. She has an active imagination and has a myriad of pretend friends whom she loves to boss around. She definitely has the males in her life wrapped around her little finger.
Thomas started school this year and loves it. He just turned six and can’t wait until his teeth start falling out. He still loves dinosaurs, fast cars and ‘helping’ Daddy, Uncle Willie, Grandpa and Uncle Mikel. He asks for a motorcycle like Papa’s even though he still can’t ride his bike without training wheels. Thomas is already curious about God and Jesus and how His love for us can save. Please be in prayer over the next year for us and the other adults in his life. Pray that we’ll share the gospel in a way he can understand and that his decision will be true.
If you haven’t already figured it out, we moved back to the High Plains in late July. It was time for us to be closer to family and to regain our bearings. We were able to move back into our house on Third Street- this was the first time it has been empty since we moved away six years ago. How’s that for God working. We’ve rejoined the church here and have been very happy with the how familiar and yet how changed everything is.
Jack is working in the truck brokering business. It’s been a lot to learn, but he’s been a quick study and is doing very well. Jack is still very involved with Children’s Ministry, working with his first love, RAs, and helping to coordinate and pitch in wherever else he’s needed. He’s also involved in the Prayer Ministry and contributes regularly to the Music Ministry.
KC is working for the local Soil and Water Conservation District, a part-time job that allows her a very flexible schedule -something that we’re learning is an absolute must when dealing with child care outside the home. She’s also involved in church, teaching Sonbeams!, Emma’s age group, on Wednesday nights and helping Jack with the Prayer Ministry. She is facilitating a ladies bible study beginning in January and is very keen to begin painting and sewing for the house.
May the love of Christ bless you all in the coming year.
Love- Jack, KC, Thomas, Emma and Elizabeth


2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday-Our 2005 Newsletter

  1. It has been such a joy for me to see these three darlings advancement & growth. I’m so glad you are close in distance & fellowship.

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