Excuse Me While I Rant A Moment …

It would be hard to express how very disappointed my son was over how this past weekend went down. Friday we rented the long-anticipated ‘Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’ for our pizza/movie night. The movie is rated PG-13, so Jack and I vetted it before we showed to the kids and thank God we did!

First off, why is a movie based on a toy and marketed to young boys rated PG-13??!! I get the violence. I mean that’s the premise for the entire story, but do people really talk that way?! I acknowledge that, like it or not, there are a few “cuss” words that have sidled into America’s working vocabulary and are no longer considered bad language. I have on occasion been guilty of using such words myself (not really Grandma,) but this was ridiculous. I ask you, how did the f-word improve the drama and adventure of this story? And how did labeling the characters as bitches and bastards improve their depth? Are today’s screenwriters so without talent that they must resort to profanity to hide their inability to create dialog. Maybe they should let a blogger have a go at it.

Which leads me to the sexual content of this movie. I’m not really sure how, it’s just the next thing I want to talk about. Anyway … My children are not entirely without exposure to the steamier side of today’s culture. It’s hard to watch television –even television written specifically for kids- without the occasional smudge of sexual innuendo. As good parents we employ elaborate distraction and teasing techniques to get through the ‘mushy’ parts, as our parents did before us. However, distraction during this movie would have been a full-time job and probably would have required clowns. Again, I blame the writers. If they were having such a hard time filling in the storyline they shouldn’t have made the movie two and one half hours long.

So if you love watching robots fight and fast cars race for a very long time, definitely rent or buy this movie. Just don’t show it to your kids unless you want to define a whole lotta new words and conduct a little sex education during and after. Needless to say, my kids did not get to see this movie, hence Thomas’ great disappointment.

I just feel sorry for those who ran out and bought the movie for their kids before seeing it first. Hi Dean! I hope y’all store that puppy on a high shelf dude.


2 thoughts on “Excuse Me While I Rant A Moment …

  1. I second your disappointment. Truth be told, they wrote, produced and sold this movie to the dads who took their kids to see it.

    I love a good action movie and I kinda liked the first Transformer movie even though I had to cringe at a few scenes. Transformers 2 was just ridiculous.

    I think you should reenact the good parts of the story line to Thomas and make sure you video tape the whole thing and put it on YouTube.

    (I’m sure you and I could have done a MUCH better job writing and starring in that movie.)

  2. It is such a shame that people who are so limited in their vocabulary that they resort to these methods are in the entertainment field. You, KC, would be really good in this.
    Love you

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