The Herman Method

An update on Thomas’ dyslexia remediation:

At our Parent/Teacher conference with Thomas’ teacher week-before-last, Mrs. Barnes (Super Teacher) introduced us to the Herman Method, the curriculum she will be using with Thomas for dyslexia remediation.

The Herman Method is a multisensory-bihemispheric (yes, I actually know what that means) approach to help students compensate for their visual and auditory processing problems by coordinating visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile input as each reading, spelling and writing skill is taught. In other words, Thomas will learn each skill visually (his weakest sense,) by hearing (his strong sense,) with action and by physical memory. Teaching using all four input senses will allow Thomas’ brain to build permanent bridges between synapses, something a non-dyslexic brain does automatically by sight. The Herman Method is based on the Orton-Gillingham approach to dyslexia remediation, as is the Lexia Program Thomas participates in twice a week.

Thomas and Mrs. Barnes will work one-on-one with this curriculum four days a week and Jack and I are waiting on the Region 10 training dates so that we can be trained to reinforce this at home. There’s a lot of information/programs on dyslexia remediation out there and I’m pleased the school chose this one. There is no super-fix. Teaching Thomas the skills he needs to become a confident reader will take time and constant reinforcement. After understanding what causes a dyslexic’s problems, this method seems the most logical to circumvent those problems.

Oh, did I mention Mrs. Barnes is sacrificing her parent/teacher conference period to do this with Thomas? Do you wonder that I call her Super Teacher?


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