Back on the Sauce

One of the hardest things I’ve had to give up on my quest for a healthy weight is Dr. Pepper aka Heaven’s Juice aka the Fix. Over the past 20 years it would have been very unusual to see me without a 32 oz cup of Dr. Pepper, the straw permanently pointed, even reaching toward my cinnamon colored lips.

I like it.

I like it.

A lot.

A lot.

Most of the time I even find it difficult to remember what other liquids might be an option. Diet sodas are rejected immediately as too disgusting. Iced tea is acceptable, but not always readily available in a palatable form. Water is usually my fallback but really, 64 ounces a day?! Who has that much time for bathroom breaks?! Dr. Pepper does not affect me in that way.

As my scale verified this morning. I’m behind on my weight loss goal my friends. I could blame it on PMS or lack of exercise or the Baked Potato Salad I made yesterday, but we all know it was the Dr. Peppers.

And that makes me very sad.

Amen brother!

Amen brother!


5 thoughts on “Back on the Sauce

  1. God bless you for trying. O maybe I should pray for your family. No DP could be bad for their health. Kids be ready to duck!! I’ve cut down on Diet DP but will probably never give them up. Keep me out of the car and I usually don’t drink many. Did go a whole week with them or chocolate until Sunday and then Lydia said we needed a DP break and of course I followed right along. Glad you are dieting and so proud of you. You need to get me on the go again. Trying to give up snacks to start with. Have any advice pass it on. Keep up the good work.

  2. This hit too close to home b/c I, too, have a vice and can relate to your obsession. Diet Coke is the culprit that haunts me,but my method is somewhat different. For you see, I am a guzzler not a sipper (I know, you didn’t want to know that about me). I usually enjoy my DC in the 20oz reclosable bottle because I take a couple of huge swigs and then I’m done for an hour, then the process is repeated until the 20ozs is consumed.

    Do you think this might require some sort of support group?

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  4. You of course know that this addiction is genetic or it must be because I myself suffer from it. I have two sons that are also affected and have tried to take mine on occasion needless to say sports will be very difficult with one arm but just think what we will save on shirt sleeves.

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