Ong Sweet Ong

Many years ago, when Jack and I were first married and were remodeling our dream house, we happened upon Ong Street in Amarillo and found our true home.


Ong Street is part of the Woflin Historic District. Many of the streets in the addition are named for Alamo heroes such as Fannin, Travis and Crockett, but Ong Street was named after an early Amarillo law enforcement officer.


The Woflin District is known for it’s brick streets and stately homes, but what we love is the cozy neighborhood feel, the embracing elms and the mish-mash of several architectural styles all squeezed together on little lots fronted by a riot of flowers and trees and bushes.


If our trees were a lot bigger, our home would fit in perfectly there. And that’s our goal: to create a little piece of Ong Street right here in our home town.


2 thoughts on “Ong Sweet Ong

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