Our Columbus Day Weekend

We began the holiday weekend by major-ly over-spending on groceries and then settling in for pizza and a movie. We watched ‘Monsters vs Aliens’ with the kids and then ‘The Brothers Bloom’ after the kids passed out. Both are good movies, but I especially enjoyed ‘The Brothers Bloom’, starring Adrien Brody, Mark Ruffalo and Rechel Weisz. It has comedy, romance, action, adventure, suspense and drama all in one package. I advise you all (go on, both of you) to go rent, buy or download this movie as soon as possible.

Saturday we froze our bottoms off (if only) at Emma’s Upward Cheer game and then at the local high school football game. Emma said it felt like she had bumblebees in her toes because they were so cold. We drank a lot of hot chocolate.

Sunday we went to church and then came home to snuggle up for our long winter’s nap. Cold + wet + Sunday afternoon = a nap so hard your head hurts afterward. Good stuff!

Then yesterday we pushed up the windows and cleaned house in the 80 DEGREE!!!! weather. I’m sooo glad I haven’t spent the past three nights putting all the summer clothes away. Oh wait, I HAVE spent the past three nights putting summer clothes away. Sweat it out babies!

P.S. I’m not sure exactly what Columbus had to do with it other than the fact that we’re Anglo-Saxon and I guess we wouldn’t be here without him. Oh, and that I’m a state employee and had yesterday off because of him. Yeah Columbus! 


One thought on “Our Columbus Day Weekend

  1. wow, what a great weekend, wish I had been there to share, we have upward cheer and football here in our largest Baptist Church. Well, I spent Columbus Day in the pick up waiting for Max–he was not off and had to go to “The City”, but I had crochet, a book and the laptop!! So not a waisted day, finished the thrid Frankenstien book by Koontz, finished a prayer shawl for my friend who has colon cancer and played many games of spider on the computer, then back to work. We have had 11 inches of rain the last 2 weeks, my greenhouse is finished–all it needs are plants and they are enjoying the outdoors too much to come in, and my mums are absolutly glorious this year, a “riot of color”, what fun–need to have a party. Have court today, signatures to get from board members and visits to make with clients.
    busy day, busy week,
    behind but not in panic state yet

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