It’s a Mental Health Day

I’m taking a Mental Health Day today. No work, no excessive chores, no visit to the nursing home. So far it’s gone pretty well; I’ve almost finished a book, I’ve watched a couple dvr’d tv episodes so my husband can move on with life and my mother-in-law stopped by for lunch and folded all our clean laundry. School will be out in about 3 1/2 hours and my children will be home with our Wednesday extras (it’s our if-you’ll-take-mine-to-church-I’ll-teach-your’s-piano arrangement) so I know my time is limited. I think I’ll go take a long hot shower and then a nap. Or maybe a nap and then a shower. Or maybe I’ll go sort through the clothes that have been thrown in the resale/giveaway pile.

What would you do with a Mental Health Day?


2 thoughts on “It’s a Mental Health Day

  1. I cannot even think about it. It has been too long, read a book–well I manage to get that done even on the busy days, bath–love my bath and do that every day–even if it is two am, movies or tv–not my thing, bake or have lunch with a friend, go downtown Paris and shop in the “old” things stores, visit with my grandchildren if I could, take a walk with Rosey, play in the greenhouse, finish the walk way on the east side of the house, see if I can get the little waterfall going to go in the greenhouse, make a dessert to take to a friend or cook Max’s favorite meal, try and catch that pretty cat at the house and make it a pet, clean out the drawers in the kitchen and wash room or


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