Your PrinciPAL is My PAL

This is my goofy sister Ella.

Goofy Ella

These are my Aunt Jo’s toes. Enjoy!

My kids call her LaLa and for some reason, she was called Fluffy in high school. (Ella, can you explain that for us?)

Ella is my younger sister. We were good friends growing up and she’s one of my best friends now. I’m pretty proud of her.

She’s a compassionate, Christian woman with a servant’s heart. She’s very empathetic; your problems are her problems. In fact, she’ll worry about you long after you’ve given it all up as a loss and she’ll stand beside you no matter what. Of course, she’s not above giving you a good chewing out when one’s warranted, but she’ll do it while holding you up.

With her husband Mikel, she’s bringing up a beautiful family of three funny, hard-working, kind-hearted and respectful boys. They are mean as snakes, but in a good way. Her youngest is one month younger than my oldest. Those two are a story all their own.

Ella, Mikel and Boys

Cody is a lot smarter than he looks in this picture. I promise!

Ella writes poetry and short-stories and she can craft just about anything into a cute, loveable gift. She redecorates (and I mean paint the walls, recover the floors type decorating) with imagination, daring and regularity. She’s even shown up at my house with paint clothes and a plan.

LaLa is an elementary school teacher. I am in awe of the patience, perseverance and courage that takes. In addition to her patience, blah-blah, blah-blah, Ella has a gift for getting troubled and less-than-stellar students past their roadblocks and instilling in them a love of learning. That’s no small feat my friend.

Luke and Ella

Goofy obviously runs in the family.

Fluffy recently started on her master’s degree. She wants to go into school administration of all things. Although I remember the focus and expectations of my parents being on me (a total waste of time,) Ella is really the star of the show. She has set her goals and met them, even though it might have taken longer than she expected or been a little tougher than she expected.

Today, Ella is substitute principal at her school. Happy Principal’s Day Ella. No corporal punishment unless absolutely necessary!

Ella and Mikel

This is Ella’s Marlboro Man. He’s the real deal too.


One thought on “Your PrinciPAL is My PAL

  1. I believe I’ve seen these Love Birds dances in a laundry mat during the college days!! Looks like the love is still there.

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